07030700039, 08089326844
RAGP Office, Amob Plaza Ground Floor, Caterpillar B/Stop Along Monatan /Iwo Road, Iwo Road, Ibadan, Oyo State.


>>What is the name of the company (RECHARGE AND GET PAID)
>>What is the name of you CEO (OSITADINMA OSHOPO)
>>When was the company founded(2015)
>>What are your products (VTU for Airtime,Data,Cable and PHCN)
>>Do u have an office in Nigeria (Yes, Head Office in Abuja)
>>Is the company registered with CAC (Yes)
>>Are u sure this company wont fold up like others (Very sure cos as          long as we have human live we will always need these VTU                    products)
>>How do i join your company (Get a link from who told u about the            company and signup)
>>Must I refer before i start making money(No,u can make money from      distributing VTU products)
>>Getting people is hard,how do i go about it(Not anymore in these days that we have social media                platforms)
>>Why should i target leaders to join me(They have influence on people already)
>>You said referring people is very good,how please? (The mouth watering compensation plan for referral and VTU       bonus is for only those who refer others)
>>How many people am i expected to directly refer(at least 3)
>>Can i refer more than 3 people directly (sure u can,as many as u can)
>>Does spillovers help my downlines (No it doesn’t)
>>How then can i help my downlines(you can choose to use their usernames to signup people)
>>Is the VTU for all networks(yes it is MTN,GLO,AIRTEL & 9mobile)
>>How do i sell this VTU(from ur customized VTU wallet)
>>The monies in my ewallet how do i get it as cash to spend(u can transfer to ur  bank everyday,sell to others who need wallet OR sell as VTU)
>>What about PVs,what are they used for(To qualify for monthly leadership bonuses and incentives)
>>How do i accumulate PVs(( strictly from signups and upgrades)
>>What is the benefit of upgrading( helps u avoid loosing referral commissions,point values and Vtu bonuses)
>>What if i don’t wish to upgrade(u loose all i just mentioned on d benefits of upgrading)
>>How do i upgrade(simple,have the ewallet in your acct and click d upgrade  icon)
>>What is the difference between the monthly PV and cumulative PV( monthly Pv qualifies u for d monthly #100000       and u must achieve 10000 PV in a month while cumulative pv qualifies u for incentives,no time frame to qualify)
>>If I do not make Leadership Bonus this month, what happens to my PVs (it rolls over to ur cumulative PV)
>>Can I make Leadership bonus every month?(YES U CAN….just be passionate  about your biz)
>>If I accumulate more than 100,000 PV, will i still be earning?(Yes u will…check out the just added incentives
>>Do i get PV and commissions for my indirect sign ups? (Yes u do)
>>How do i earn VTU bonus{from the recharge of airtime(0.35%) and data(1%) of all your downlines from level 1-          10}
>>Can people outside Nigeria join RAGP(No for now…..Nigerian market is very big and untapped)
>>When i register with N5000 or N50,000k and am given 1k/10k as my registration bonus where will                               N4,000/N40,000k go to? (to set up your online office,pay your uplines and part to company to sustain the                  company for you)
>>How does having more direct referrals help me in RAGP( it increases ur chances of having active down lines,            helps u earn more referral bonuses, point values and vtu bonuses)



Contact Adesina James Olanrewaju

07030700039, 08089326844