When you become a partner/distributor with RAGP Ltd, you GET PAID anytime you purchase any of these below products on the platform

AIRTIME – MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9mobile top up.

INTERNET DATA – MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9mobile Data bundles.

CABLE TV – DStv, GOtv and Startimes subscriptions.

4. PHCN BILL PAYMENT – IBEDC, EKDC, AEDC, BEDC, PHED, IEDC, JEC, KEDC & EEDC (more will be added soon)._*

To benefit from this program, all you’re expected to do are these

(1) REGISTER:  Your profile is created when you sign up, with your Username and password to login._

(2) RECHARGE:  Use the platform to top up your phone line(s), buy Data, Subscribe your decoder and pay PHCN bills._

(3) SELL:  You can sell Airtime, Data, etc… to people around you using the company’s platform._

(4) NETWORK:  Show/Teach other people how they can also benefit by joining the platform._


Bonus from Personal Registration:
Instantly, you GET PAID back 20% of your Activation fee as welcome bonus.

Bonus from Personal Recharges:
2% on Airtime
10% on Data
40% of the service charge on any Cable TV subscription
40% of the service charge on any PHCN bill payment

NOTE: You can also recharge for customers and collect your money from them.

Bonus from downlines’ Registration
Direct Referrals – 20%
2nd level referrals – 10%
3rd level referrals – 5%
4th level referrals – 2.5%
5th level referrals – 1.25%
6th -10th level referrals – 1%

Bonus from downlines Recharges:
0.35% on their Airtime
1% on their Data
10% of the service charge on any Cable TV subscription they carryout
10% of the service charge on any PHCN bill payment they carryout.

When you network the business to others, your rising PV (Point Value) qualifies you for these below bonuses.

₦500k (Dubai Trip Fund)
₦2million (Small Car Fund)
₦3million (1st House Fund)
₦4million (2nd House Fund)
₦6million (3rd House Fund)

And additionally


Registration Packages & Benefits
You start earning immediately in cash and point value, PV.

Basic = ₦5,000 – You get ₦1000 bonus + 20PV. You earn up to 5th level deep.

Bronze = ₦10,000 – You get ₦2000 bonus + 40PV. You earn up to 6th level deep.

Silver = ₦20,000 – You get ₦4000 bonus + 80PV. You earn up to 7th level deep.

Gold = ₦30,000 – You get ₦6000 bonus + 120PV. You earn up to 8th level deep.

Diamond = ₦40,000 – You get ₦8000 bonus + 160PV. You earn up to 9th level deep.

Platinum = ₦50,000 – You get ₦10,000 bonus + 200PV. You earn up to 10th level deep.

Executive Platinum = ₦100,000 – You get ₦20,000 bonus + 400PV. You earn up to 10th level

I tell you since I join *Recharge and get paid I have never buy Recharge card or data, and I always Recharge my phone, my metre for light and also pay my cable TV subscriptions, this has come to stay, we have to be benefiting from the trillions that is circulating in the Telecom industries

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